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Rami Malek

By: Kevin Nealon


MEDIUM: Unique Mixed Media (Digital Ultrachrome and Acrylic) on Canvas 
IMAGE SIZE: 40" x53"
SIGNED: Kevin Nealon
SKU: KN0011 

DESCRIPTION: I loved painting Rami Malek because he has such an interesting face. Incidentally, he doesn't just have one interesting face, he has two -- Rami has an identical twin brother, Sami...

...not many of my subjects have seen or at least responded to my caricature painting of them -- however, Rami has. Shortly after I painted this caricature, I posted it on Instagram. Rami was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel's show a few nights later and Jimmy showed him this very painting. Rami studied it briefly, taking it all in, and then Jimmy asked him what he thought of it. Rami, still processing my work, looked up and said, "Kevin Nealon is no longer my friend."