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Animaniacs Original Production Drawing: Nurse, Minerva, and Dot

By: Warner Bros. Studio Art

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Nurse, Minerva, and Dot

MEDIUM: ​Original Production Drawing
IMAGE SIZE: 12 Field
PRODUCTION: Animaniacs, Dot-The-Macadamia Nut/ Chicken Part 1
SKU: IFA4120

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Blending wit, slapstick and pop culture references, the variety show Animaniacs, created by Steven Spielberg, features a large cast of characters, whose predominant personalities are the Warner siblings, Yakko, Wakko, and their sister, Dot, who have a great time creating havoc and mayhem in the lives of everyone they meet. The series, which originally ran from 1993 through 1998, also features a number of comedic educational segments, often in musical form. This piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.

ABOUT THE MEDIUM: Original Production Drawings are one-of-a-kind pieces of art that were used in the creation of an animated film or television show. Each has been hand-drawn by studio artists!