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Bane was born in the country of Santa Prisca and grew up in a prison where he was subjected to experiments with the highly addictive drug, Venom. These experiments enhanced his physical abilities to superhuman levels but also made him dependent on the drug to survive. As an adult, Bane escaped from prison and traveled to Gotham City, where he set his sights on Batman, whom he saw as his ultimate challenge. Bane devised a plan to weaken Batman both physically and mentally by releasing all of the inmates from Arkham Asylum, including some of Batman's most dangerous enemies. While Batman was occupied trying to recapture the escaped criminals, Bane used his superior strength and fighting skills to defeat him in a one-on-one confrontation.

Despite his initial success, Bane's addiction to Venom proved to be his downfall. Batman discovered that by cutting off Bane's supply of Venom, he could render him powerless. Batman defeated Bane and sent him back to prison, but the encounter left a lasting impact on both characters. In later appearances in the animated series, Bane would continue to be a formidable foe for Batman, always seeking to prove his superiority in battle. However, Bane's addiction to Venom would often get in the way of his goals, causing him to make reckless decisions that would ultimately lead to his defeat.