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Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil is a wicked character from Disney's animated classic, 101 Dalmatians. As a wealthy heiress and socialite, Cruella is known for her striking black and white hair and her insatiable desire for fur, particularly the fur of Dalmatian puppies. Introduced in the film as the main antagonist, Cruella quickly became a fan-favorite character, captivating audiences with her larger-than-life personality and her memorable catchphrase, "Darling, I live for furs!" Throughout the course of the film, Cruella serves as a symbol of greed and narcissism, reminding viewers of the dangers of becoming too consumed by material possessions. Her devious plot to kidnap the Dalmatian puppies and turn them into fur coats serves as a reminder of the importance of animal welfare and the consequences of prioritizing fashion over compassion. Despite her villainous nature, however, Cruella remains a beloved and memorable character in the Disney canon, inspiring countless adaptations and spin-offs over the years.