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Dr. Scratchansniff

Dr. Otto Scratchansniff is a character from the animated series Animaniacs. As the psychiatrist of the Warner Brothers and their sister Dot, Scratchansniff is tasked with managing their unpredictable and often chaotic behavior. Despite the difficult nature of his job, Scratchansniff remains a patient and understanding character, always willing to listen to the Warners' concerns and offer advice on how to navigate the world around them. Throughout the series, Scratchansniff serves as a symbol of patience and compassion, inspiring viewers to approach difficult situations with empathy and understanding. His interactions with the Warner Brothers and Dot often result in comedic hijinks, adding a layer of humor to the character and the series as a whole. Scratchansniff's tendency to break the fourth wall and address the audience directly also adds a layer of meta-humor to the character, making him both entertaining and memorable.