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Happy is a character from Disney's classic animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. As the happiest and most upbeat of the seven dwarfs, he is known for his infectious sense of humor, as well as his unshakeable optimism and positive outlook on life. Despite the challenges that he and his fellow dwarfs face, Happy always manages to find the bright side of things, and he is always there to offer a kind word or a smile to those around him. Throughout the course of Snow White, Happy and his fellow dwarfs take in the titular character and protect her from the evil Queen and her wicked schemes. Happy's upbeat nature and positive attitude endear him to viewers of all ages, and his musical numbers, including the classic "Heigh-Ho," have become beloved classics of the Disney canon. Despite his playful and carefree demeanor, Happy proves himself to be a vital member of the group, offering emotional support and guidance when it is needed most, and ultimately becoming one of Snow White's most loyal and devoted protectors.