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Inque is a villain in Batman Beyond, an American animated television series that aired from 1999 to 2001. She is a shapeshifting metahuman who can transform her body into a liquid form and manipulate it to create weapons or move through small spaces. Inque is one of Batman's most formidable enemies, using her powers to commit crimes and elude capture. Not much is known about Inque's past, as she keeps her true identity and origins hidden. However, it is revealed that she was once a scientist who worked for Derek Powers, a corrupt businessman, and CEO of Wayne-Powers Enterprises. She was exposed to an experimental mutagen that gave her the ability to transform her body into a liquid form, and she used her powers to escape from Powers' control and become a criminal.

Inque is a highly skilled and intelligent villain, often using her shape-shifting abilities to outsmart her opponents and evade capture. She is also a ruthless and cunning strategist, always looking for ways to advance her own interests and get what she wants. However, her powers come with a weakness: exposure to extreme cold can cause her body to solidify and render her immobile. Throughout the series, Inque clashes with Batman and his allies, often teaming up with other villains to carry out complex heists and schemes. She also has a complex relationship with Derek Powers, who sees her as a valuable asset and tries to control her for his own purposes. Despite her criminal activities, Inque has a certain amount of sympathy from viewers due to her tragic backstory and her struggle to control her powers. She is one of the most memorable and complex villains in the Batman Beyond universe, adding depth and intrigue to the show's roster of characters.