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Jokerz is a notorious gang of criminals who appear in the animated television series Batman Beyond. The group is made up of young delinquents who have taken on the persona of the infamous Joker, a legendary villain who terrorized Gotham City years before. The Jokerz are known for their wild antics, flamboyant costumes, and dangerous weaponry. The Jokerz first appeared in the pilot episode of Batman Beyond, which takes place in a futuristic version of Gotham City. In this world, the original Batman has retired, and a new hero, Terry McGinnis, has taken up the mantle. The Jokerz quickly becomes one of Batman's main adversaries, constantly causing trouble and wreaking havoc throughout the city.

The leader of the Jokerz is a young man named J-Man, who is known for his purple and green outfit and his sinister grin. J-Man is a skilled fighter and a brilliant strategist, and he is always looking for ways to outsmart Batman and gain control of Gotham's criminal underworld. Other notable members of the Jokerz include Dee Dee, a pair of twin sisters who are experts in acrobatics and hand-to-hand combat; Ghoul, a hulking brute with a penchant for explosives; and Bonk, a hyperactive clown who is always looking for a good time. Despite their goofy appearance and antics, the Jokerz are a serious threat to Gotham City. They are responsible for numerous crimes, including thefts, assaults, and even murders. Batman must use all of his wits and resources to stop the Jokerz and keep the city safe.