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Kyodai Ken

Kyodai Ken is a villain who is a skilled ninja and a former student of Bruce Wayne's sensei, Master Yoru. Kyodai Ken is known for his cunning tactics, martial arts skills, and use of traditional Japanese weapons. Kyodai Ken's real name is unknown, but he is revealed to have been a rival of Bruce Wayne during their time studying under Master Yoru. The two men competed for the affection of a woman named Tatsu Yamashiro, who later became the superhero Katana. Kyodai Ken ultimately lost the competition and left Japan to pursue a life of crime. Kyodai Ken first appears in the episode "Night of the Ninja," in which he comes to Gotham City to steal a valuable statue. He is portrayed as a cunning and ruthless adversary, using his ninja training to outsmart Batman and evade capture. Kyodai Ken also has a personal vendetta against Bruce Wayne, which he seeks to settle through a series of battles.