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Mary GrandPré

About the Artist

Mary GrandPré is best known for her cover and chapter illustrations of the Harry Potter books in their U.S. editions published by Scholastic she began her career as an illustrator. The path that led her to that point started with her education at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her passion for light, color, drawing, and design came together in evocative paintings, using a variety of mediums. Much of her focus was creating paintings for numerous picture books and book covers. While she has illustrated over 20 picture books, she is perhaps best known for her illustrations on the Harry Potter books. She has also worked as the conceptual artist on Dreamwork’s animated film “Antz” and on Blue Sky Studios’ animated film “Ice Age”.

Mary’s book illustrations possess highly personalized lyrical story interpretations, and now her fine art paintings carry on with a new sense of narrative that combine abstract painting with realism, creating a new kind of territory for her to travel through. .. and ultimately, for the viewer.