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Melanie Walker

Melanie Walker is from the animated television series Batman Beyond. She first appeared in the episode "Shriek" and quickly became a fan favorite for her complex personality and compelling backstory. Melanie, also known as Ten, is the daughter of the notorious criminal King Snake. Despite her father's criminal activities, Melanie decided to become a vigilante and use her skills for good. She becomes a member of the Terrific Trio alongside Terry McGinnis and Maxine Gibson. Melanie is a skilled fighter and has incredible acrobatic abilities. She is also highly intelligent and uses her intellect to outsmart her opponents. Her technology skills are second to none, and she uses them to create high-tech gadgets that help her in her missions. As the series progresses, Melanie becomes a crucial member of the team and is instrumental in taking down some of the most dangerous criminals in Gotham. She also develops a romantic relationship with Terry McGinnis.