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Pepé Le Pew

Pepé Le Pew is a cartoon character from the Looney Tunes series, created by Chuck Jones and voiced by Mel Blanc. He made his debut in the 1945 short film "Odor-able Kitty" and has since become one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in the franchise. Pepé Le Pew is a French skunk who is often depicted pursuing a female black cat, mistaking her for a skunk due to her coloration. He is known for his distinctive French accent and his romantic and amorous nature.

Throughout his many appearances in Looney Tunes cartoons, Pepé Le Pew has been portrayed as a charming and suave gentleman, but also as a bit of a bumbler and a fool, often getting into comical situations as he tries to win over his beloved. Despite his sometimes misguided attempts at romance, he remains a popular and beloved character among fans of the series.


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