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Royal Flush Gang

The Royal Flush Gang is a group of supervillains who appear in the animated television series Batman Beyond. The gang is composed of a family of criminals who use playing cards as their motif, and each member is named after a playing card rank. The group has gone through various iterations and has been a recurring antagonist to the show's protagonist, Terry McGinnis. The first incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang in Batman Beyond is composed of a family of four: King, Queen, Jack, and Ten. They are all outfitted in high-tech suits that grant them superhuman abilities and weapons based on their respective card ranks. The group is led by King, a ruthless and domineering patriarch who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Queen, his wife, is just as deadly and capable as her husband and is often the voice of reason in the group. Jack and Ten, their two children, are the youngest members of the gang and are fiercely loyal to their parents.

Later on in the series, a new iteration of the Royal Flush Gang is introduced. This time, the group is composed of four teenagers: Ace, King, Queen, and Jack. They are all recruited by a mysterious figure known only as "the Joker's Wild," who supplies them with advanced technology and training in order to carry out his bidding. Ace, the newest member of the gang, is the most powerful, possessing psychic abilities that allow her to manipulate reality itself. Throughout the series, the Royal Flush Gang serves as a recurring threat to Terry McGinnis and the citizens of Gotham City. They are responsible for numerous crimes, including robberies, kidnappings, and acts of terrorism. However, despite their nefarious activities, the group's members are often portrayed as sympathetic characters who have been pushed into a life of crime due to circumstances beyond their control. Overall, the Royal Flush Gang is a fascinating group of villains who add depth and complexity to the Batman Beyond universe. Their unique motif and familial relationships make them stand out among other comic book villains, and their ability to adapt and evolve over time keeps them relevant even in modern iterations of the series.