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Ten, also known as Melanie Walker, is a character from Batman Beyond, an animated series that follows the adventures of Terry McGinnis as the new Batman in a futuristic Gotham City. Ten is the daughter of King and Queen, the leaders of the Royal Flush Gang, a group of criminals who use playing cards as their motif. She first met Terry when she was posing as a normal high school student and they started dating. However, she soon revealed her true identity as Ten and tried to recruit Terry into her family’s gang. Terry rejected her offer and tried to convince her to leave her criminal life behind. Ten had feelings for Terry but was loyal to her family and conflicted about her choices. She later reappeared when she tried to escape from her family and start a new life with Terry’s help. However, she was betrayed by her brother Jack (also known as Ace) who wanted to take over the gang. She eventually decided to turn herself in and face justice for her crimes.