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The Clock King

The Clock King, also known as Temple Fugate, is a fictional character who appears in several episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. He is a highly intelligent and meticulous villain who is obsessed with time and punctuality. Temple Fugate was once a successful businessman who was wrongfully fired from his job. After losing everything, Fugate became obsessed with the concept of time and punctuality, believing that he was owed every second of his life. He became the Clock King and began to use his knowledge of time to commit crimes and seek revenge against those he felt had wronged him.

In his first appearance in the episode "The Clock King," Fugate plans an elaborate heist of the Mayor's office. He uses his knowledge of the building's security system and timing to gain access to the safe, but is eventually defeated by Batman. In subsequent appearances, the Clock King continues to use his time-based skills to commit crimes, often targeting wealthy and powerful individuals who he feels have slighted him. Throughout his appearances in the series, the Clock King is depicted as a cold and calculating villain who is obsessed with punctuality and efficiency. He is highly intelligent and strategic, able to plan elaborate heists and outwit Batman and other opponents. However, his obsession with time also makes him vulnerable, as he becomes fixated on sticking to his schedule and can be thrown off by unexpected events.

The Clock King's trademark weapon is a cane that doubles as a timepiece, which he uses to time his movements and keep himself on schedule. He is also shown to be skilled in hand-to-hand combat and strategy. His obsession with time and punctuality make him a distinctive and intriguing character, and his appearances in the series leave a lasting impact on Batman.