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Yoda is a character from Star Wars and he is one of the most iconic figures in it. He is a wise and powerful Jedi Master, who is known for his mastery of the Force, his unorthodox lightsaber techniques, and his role as a mentor and teacher to many of the franchise's main characters. Yoda is depicted as a wise and compassionate Jedi, who has dedicated his life to the study and mastery of the Force. Despite his small size and seemingly fragile appearance, Yoda is also depicted as a powerful and skilled warrior, who is not afraid to take on the greatest threats to the galaxy. Throughout the franchise, Yoda plays a key role in the struggle between the Galactic Republic and the evil Galactic Empire, and he becomes a beloved and enduring figure in the world of Star Wars.


The Lesson - Choice Fine Art

Kim Gromoll

The Lesson