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Be A Clown



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Bruce Timm

MEDIUM:  Giclée on Canvas Edition
SIZE: 17" x 22"
ARTIST:  Bruce Timm
SKU: CP1553D

ABOUT THE IMAGE:  This art was inspired by “Be A Clown,” a hugely popular episode in the first season of the Batman: The Animated Series television show. In this scene Batman tracks his main nemesis, The Joker, to an abandoned fairground, where he confronts the cunning clown in a death-defying battle atop a runaway roller coaster.

“Be a Clown” was originally released in 1993 as a hand-painted limited edition animation art cel and quickly sold out. As part of the 75th Anniversary of Batman’s creation an anniversary edition on canvas has been created.

The original art for “Be A Clown” was drawn and painted by the Warner Bros. Animation Studio, under direction by Bruce Timm.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Bruce Timm is an American artist, character designer, animator, writer, producer, and actor. He is best known for his contributions building the modern DC Comics animated franchise, the DC Animated Universe