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Daffy Doc

By: Warner Bros. Studio

MEDIUM: Hand-Painted Limited Edition Cel
IMAGE SIZE: 10.5” x 12.5” with title card
SKU: CC1176

Whenever Bob Clampett paired Porky and Daffy, chaos was expected to reign for the next few minutes of animated zaniness. “Daffy Doc,” in 1938 proved to be one of the most hilarious and memorable meetings of both Pig and Duck, as Daffy’s ultimate mission is to open and perform surgery on Daffy. Malpractice to the mallard extreme.

“Daffy Doc” was drawn from the original animation by noted animation director, Darrell Van Citters, and inked by Laurie Dindis, before being silkscreened onto acetate with the Clampett Seal of Authenticity. Each cel was hand-painted. The background was painted by Hector Martinez.