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Disney Limited Edition: Aurora's Rescue

By: Peter Ellenshaw

Giclée On Canvas


Peter Ellenshaw

MEDIUM: Giclée Canvas Limited Edition
SIZE: 24" x 36"
ARTIST: Peter Ellenshaw

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Cinderella and friends await as the fairy godmother does her magic in transforming the pumpkin into a royal coach fit for a princess.

ABOUT THE MEDIUM:  Each piece is on hand-numbered canvas and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: William Samuel Cook “Peter” Ellensaw was an English matte designer, special effects creator and master painter.  He mentored under Percy Pop Day who played a pivotal role and mentored him on painting on canvas and glass, which was to create matte background form film.

After serving his country as an RAF pilot in World War II, Ellenshaw returned to work for Mr. Day at the studios. After a brief yearlong stint at MGM, Ellenshaw left in 1947 upon receiving a call to work for Walt Disney Studios on the film, Treasure Island. As it turned out, his partnership with Disney would last over thirty years and earn him five Oscar nominations. For his work on "Mary Poppins" in which he recreated scenes of Edwardian London in 102 different mattes, he won an Academy Award. Walt Disney became Ellenshaw's mentor and friend, spurring him on continually to perfect his craft and push the creative envelope.