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Heroic Hare

By: Looney Tunes Studio Art

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Kirk Mueller

  • MEDIUM:  Giclée on Paper Edition 
  • SIZE: 12" x 15"
  • EDITION SIZE: 250  
  • ARTIST:  Kirk Mueller
  • SIGNED:  Kirk Mueller
  • SKU: CP1520


  • MEDIUM:  Giclée on Canvas Edition
  • SIZE: 15" x 19"
  • EDITION SIZE: 100 
  • ARTIST:  Kirk Mueller
  • SIGNED:  Kirk Mueller
  • SKU: CP1520D

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Across the globe, there are figures that are hailed as heroes. Without a doubt, one of these great public heroes is the firefighter. Now Bugs Bunny joins the forced in “A Hare Ablaze.” With a rabbit infant in his arms, Bugs embodies the compassionate spirit of a firefighter as he carries the child safely away. The intricate brushstrokes and fiery colors of the work help convey a message: one of valor and empathy of those who sacrifice for us. Each piece is signed by the artist.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Kirk Mueller after his early career as an Art Director and Artist, Kirk’s collaboration with Warner Bros. began almost twenty years ago, but truly became noteworthy while Kirk was showcased as a featured artist at the Warner Bros. Studio Store’s galleries. An artist with multiple areas of talent (including music, writing and performing) Kirk is not only a master at character illustration, but background and illustrative painting in several mediums.