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Look! Up In The Sky



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DESCRIPTION: The idea of setting as a character is a relatively obscure concept - after all, it's hard to believe that a simple place, a static environment, can have a life of its own. However, the city of Metropolis has no trouble doing just that. With the skyline of Toronto and the attitude of New York, the City of Tomorrow has earned a place in the minds and hearts of fans for being the adopted hometown of Superman, a universe-renowned hero, and beloved cultural icon.
In this piece, the wonder of Metropolis is captured with loving dedication by artist Alex Ross every detail, from the throngs of people below to the globe of the Daily Planet building gleaming in the distance, demonstrates that this town is very much alive and a worthy place for the Man of Steel to call home. That much is clear as we see Superman watching over the streets as he flies off towards his next great endeavor.