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Pinocchio Original Production Model Sheet: Jiminy Cricket

By: Walt Disney Studio Art


Jiminy Cricket

MEDIUM: Original Production Model Sheet 
PRODUCTION: Pinocchio, 1940
IMAGE SIZE: 14" x 11"
SKU: CCV1710

ABOUT THE IMAGE: "Always let your conscience be your guide!" Jiminy Cricket is featured here in this spectacular set of 11 studio-printed character model sheets used during the production of Walt Disney's 1940 animated feature masterpiece Pinocchio. Amazing images of the iconic character from many angles in several expressions and poses, these model sheets were integral to the design of the beloved Jiminy Cricket. Including some repeats, this set was printed on photographic paper by the Walt Disney studio in extremely limited quantities, and they are considered especially rare. The sheets measure 14" x 11", and they show minor handling and edge wear due to normal use during the production of Pinocchio. The sheets show light wrinkling, staining, toning, and tearing, and the condition overall is Very Good.

ABOUT THE MEDIUM: A model sheet is a group of character drawings illustrating different poses and expressions of a cartoon character. Because a number of artists worked on a single cartoon, these sheets were circulated to the animators to give a uniform look and feel to a character throughout a production.