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Sleeping Beauty Original Concept Painting: The Castle

By: Eyvind Earle


MEDIUM: ​Original Concept Painting
IMAGE SIZE: 9.5" x 22"
PRODUCTION: Sleeping Beauty
YEAR: 1959
SKU: CCV2583

Framing included in price.

ABOUT THE ART: (Walt Disney Studios, 1959) This is an original concept/Color Key painting of the Castle from Disney's feature fairytale film Sleeping Beauty by the legendary Eyvind Earle. It was the most expensive movie the studio had ever made and took nearly a decade to complete. Mr. Earle served as background artist and color stylist for Disney throughout the 1950s and went on to become an acclaimed fine artist in his own right. The 9.5" x 22" gouache on board painting displays an exceptional use of color and is signed by the artist in the lower right.